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Cybersecurity is the number one business concern and risk. Your organization faces common problems and threats that require expert insight, guidance, and services by trusted specialists.

This is why we have designed our Cyber Packages, each with its own suite of services, to address your top security concern. All packages will eliminate the pain points you are facing in getting your cybersecurity right.

Your top concerns solved with Cyber Packages

All eight packages consider all aspects of cyber threats and are delivered by our highly accredited experts.

Let us solve your cybersecurity worries with one of these purposefully designed Cyber Packages, delivering peace of mind from your greatest concerns with expert solutions.

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Ransomware & Malware

How safe is your organization from a ransomware threat? Ensure you are always prepared for a ransomware or malware attack with this package.

Cyber Breach Readiness

Is your organization prepared for a cyber breach? This package prepares your organization and ensures you can respond to a breach.

Supplier & Third-Party Risk Management

Can you trust your supplier’s and third-parties cybersecurity? Select this package for complete assurance, governance, and risk management of your supply chain.

Employee Security & Training

Concerned about how to protect against threats that target employees? This package will secure and train employees while monitoring the threats they face.

Penetration Testing Remediation

Penetration Tests have identified your weaknesses, but do you know how to remediate vulnerabilities? Select this package to ensure remediation is fully executed.

New Technology Cyber Risks

Concerned that moving to new technology will increase cyber risks? Choose this package for assurance that new technology is secured and protected by experts.

Technical Legacy Debt

Do you know legacy software systems can expose you to cyber threats? Ensure your systems are safe with this package to manage and secure legacy systems.

Develop a Cybersecurity Programme

Can you prevent, withstand, and recover from cyber incidents? This package builds a cyber strategy equipping you against evolving threats.

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